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Joseph Ellsworth Atwood Family Genealogy
Mount Hope Cemetery
"located just North East of beaver City Nebraska at 40 degrees 08.001 minutes North Latitude and 99  degrees 51.14 minutes West Longitude
Current residence for  Joseph Ellsworth Atwood and Emma Etta Johnston and many of their Family:
  1. Joseph Ellsworth Atwood and wife Emma Etta Johnston
  2. Paul Raymond Atwood and wife Lena Mae Zieme
  3. Florence J. Atwood


Joseph Ellsworth

AtwoodJoseph Ellsworth Atwood


Emma Etta

JohnstonEmma Etta Johnston

Children Joseph Ellsworth Atwood and Emma Etta Johnston

Paul Raymond Atwood


  Florence J. Atwood

Paul Raymond Atwood


Florence J Atwood




Atwood Family Genealogy, Joseph Ellsworth Atwood, Emma Etta Johnston, Paul Raymond Atwood, Florence J. Atwood, Lena Mae Zieme,  Mount Hope Cemetery, Atwood family History


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