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R.M.S.Rhone Shipwreck 31 Jan 2008

Diving  Utila 2007 -Whalesharks

Shipwrecks of Palau, 2006-2007:

                               SCUBA Diving with manatees

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  Palau Diving Photos - May 2002

Catalina Diving with Jim, Steve, Chris and Julie

Sand Dollar Trip - Click Here for Photos

  • Santa Barbara Island-The Sea Lions
  • Santa Catalina-The Caves
  • San Clemente Island-Coral Gardens and the USS Butler

Belize Turnafee Atoll and the Great Blue Hole

Roatan Diving with Christine and Julie

Truk Lagoon Photos       | page 1 | page 2

Chuuk shipwrecks below

Name GPS Location (Coordinates) Country Legnth Notes
Kiyosumi Maru N722.228 E15150.773 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 450 Ft Freighter Dive 1 and 2 Depth 99 Ft.
Rio de Janiero Maru N718.253 E15154.051 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 461 Freighter Dive 3 Depth 99 Ft.
Sankisan Maru N717.64 E15151.96 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 200 Bow left Dive 4 and 5
Unkai Maru N719.35 E15153.07 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 330 Freighter Dive 6 Depth 99 Ft.
Fujikawa Maru N720.819 E15153.4 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 437 Freighter Dive 7 and 8 Depth 99 Ft.
Nippo Maru N722.983 E15155.133 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 353 Freighter Dive 9 and 10 Depth 126 Ft.
Betty Bomber N721.045 E15152.732 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) NA Long Range Bomber Dive 11 Depth 65 Ft.
Kansho Maru N722.688 E15150.852 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 375 Freighter Dive 12 and 13 Depth 92 Ft.
Heian Maru N723.067 E15151.333 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 510 Submarine Tender Dive 14 Depth 104 Ft.
Yamagiri Maru N723.417 E15149.217 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 439 Freighter Dive 15
Fumistuki Destroyer N726.955 E15143.383 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 320 Destroyer Dive 16 Depth 108 Ft.
Shinkoku Maru N724.217 E15146.083 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 500 Tanker Dive 17 and 18 Depth 123 Ft. 'deep penetration dive' thru the torpedo hole into the engine room.
Hoki Maru N721.8 E15154.667 Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) 100 Freighter Dive 19 Depth 140 Ft.

Palau Micronesia - 1998!


S.S. Stavronikita (365 Ft. Greek Freighter) 120 Ft. Deep at Bridgetown, Barbados and Barbados Turtle.

GPS Coordinates for the Stav N138.905 W 5938.738

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Barbados SCUBA

BarbadosTurtle.jpg (27824 bytes)


 Jim dives with a dry-suite shell, 7 mil wetsuit or a 3 mil wetsuit, and twin steel 95s.   I have duplicate tanks for air and Nitrox with right and left hand regulators

Jim's List of Shipwrecks

Ship Buddies  
Amatsu Maru Lisa, Vladimir, Erwin, Chris and Lisa, Dr. Cassie Malakal Harbor, Palau
BAJAN QUEEN Lisa Barbados
Beata Lisa and Dive Tortola Tortola
Benwood Lisa and Ocean Divers Key Largo
BERWIN Lisa Barbados
Betty Bomber Bonita Truk, FSM
Bichu Maru Sam Palau
Buoy #6 Wreck Sams Palau
USS Butler Christine, Steve, Julie, Gary, Bonita North San Clemente Island
Ce-Treck Lisa, Steve Addonizio Barbados
Chuyo Maru Your Just Reward Malakal Harbor, Palau
Convair 400 Lisa Aruba
Duane Bonita Dove Key, Florida Keys
Eagle Bonita Marathon, Florida Keys
Eillon Lisa Barbados
Fuel Barge Lisa Aruba
Fujikawa Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Fumitzuli Destroyer Bonita Truk, FSM
Hafa Adai Jens, Peter Malakal Harbor, Palau
Halliburton Dr. Sue Utila, Honduras
Heian Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Helmet Depth Charge wreck Lisa Near Japanese Cut Palau
Hoki Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Inganess Lisa Tortola
Iro Dr. Cassie, Lisa, Vladimir, Chris and Lisa Western Lagoon Palau
Jake's Seaplane Lisa Palau
Jane Sea (Jane C) Lisa Aruba
Kamakazi Maru Jens, Peter Palau
Kansho Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Kiyosumi Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
LST Sam North of Nagargol Island, Palau
Marie L. Lisa and Dive Tortola Tortola
Nagisan Maru Your Just Reward Palau
Nippo Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Pat Lisa and Dive Tortola Tortola
Pirates Purchase Lisa with Jost Van Dyke SCUBA Jost Van Dyke, BVI
Raizan Maru Your Just Reward Palau
Rhone Lisa Tortola, BVI
Rio de Janiero Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Ryuko Maru Lisa, Mihnea, Jens, Vladimir, Dr. Cassie Palau
Shinkoku Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Sankisan Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Sata Jens Western Lagoon, Palau
Speigel Grove Lisa and Ocean Divers Key Largo
Stavronikita Bonita Barbados
Teshio Maru James, Lisa, Shane Palau
Trek Lisa Barbados
Tug Lisa Aruba
Unidentified Maru #7  Sam Palau
Unkai Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
Urakami Maru Sam Palau
Valiant Nick Catalina, California
Wakatake Sam Palau
MV Wit Jodie, Gaige, Camarie, Cherie, Rudi Saint Thomas
Yamagiri Maru Bonita Truk, FSM
HMS Yukon Christine, Steve, Julie, Shannon San Diego
Zeke Zero   Palau
Zero Zeke   Palau
Unknown Sailboat Dr. Sue Utila, Honduras
Unknown Harbor Ship Bonita Palau
YS-11 Aircraft Lisa Aruba

SCUBA diving Palau  Hanging out at Sam's Palau

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